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Machine Head
Robb in Glasgow, 2011 (Photo credit: Iain Purdie)

An unusual one, this. A French chap called Gael I used to know logged an interview with Robb Flynn done over IRC on February 10th, 1997. The names of the people asking questions are between *asterisks*, and it can be a little tricky to read as Robb is often answering one question while another is being asked.

Still, it’s from the archives!

_Gael_: *nahitfol* how do you feel about your new cd robb?
Robb: ok please let’s all speak english now
Robb: i’m extremely happy with it right now
Robb: trash ! my name is trash !
_Gael_: *Swen* did you tale vocal lessons after BME ?
Robb: god no !
_Gael_: *manu* When wwill the band be touring in France?
Robb: i might be sounding like sebastian bach of skid row
Robb: if i took singing lessons
Robb: touring in france in may
_Gael_: *nahitfol* your new material sounds less agressive to me, do you agree?
Robb: i think you’re out of your mind
_Gael_: *Swen* you gotta admit that your voice has expanded quite a bit with all those screams on it.. Was this a consequence of the constant touring?
Rene: What kind of guitars, amps, effects are you using on stage or in the studio ?
Robb: yes it was a consequence of the constant touring
Robb: my voice is way stronger now
Robb: peavey 5150 amps, gibson guitars, wha-wha’s and alcohol
_Gael_: *manu* Will you play l’Elysee Montmartre or Le Zenith, in Paris?
Robb: yeah, don’t know but both are great
_Gael_: *Bruno* Robb can you explain your musical formation ?
Robb: trash!
_Gael_: *manu* I think l’Elysee is better
Robb: my musical formation?
Robb: i think irc is better
Robb: i think elysee is better also
_Gael_: *kalent* Why did you got problems with drummer, like Slayer?
Robb: err
Robb: hehe
_Gael_: *manu* Robb, what do you think about Load?
Robb: i love james new country voice
_Gael_: *Swen* yes, your voice became much more powerful (or you’re just using it
_Gael_: +better :) ) …. there’s been rumors about “problems” with Colin Richardson
_Gael_: +(the producer) this time around ? why the long delay?
Robb: problems with colin richardson is the reason the long delay
_Gael_: *nahitfol* u sold more than 400.000 of your debut. is there any pressure from your record label?
Robb: hmm, pressure’s inside their butt
_Gael_: *Bruno* Trash ! What groups do you like ?
Robb: earth crisis, madball
Robb: skin lab
Robb: sepultura
_Gael_: *nahitfol* I know you love AGNOSTIC FRONT. What do you think of their reunion?
Robb: pretty cool, i just saw roger’s new band four nights ago at cbgb’s
_Gael_: *Swen* any words about your sideproject Quarteto Da Pinga? Rene> What will be the main theme behind your next album ?
Robb: slow down tiger then new ones not even released
_Gael_: *Swen* any comment on the Sepultura split?
Alf: starf is asking when the new album will be out ?
Robb: it’s incredibly sad… they were one of my favourite bands… and “Roots” was amazing
Robb: march, 24th the record comes up
_Gael_: *phil* how many albums are making?
Robb: what ?!
_Gael_: phil be more explicit
_Gael_: *manu* Do you remember the problems with the security during your show, in l’Elysee in may 1995?
Robb: security they suck
_Gael_: *Swen* why will there be no single release for Ten Ton Hammer?
Rene: Was it difficult to surpass your first album, “Burn My Eyes” ?
Robb: err cause most radio stations probably won’t play it
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* Will you play in any new cover songs?
Robb: so we made a video for mtv over here cause they won’t play it in america
Robb: no we’re bad ass like that
_Gael_: *manu* R U in Paris only to promote the new record?
Robb: i’m only in paris to drink your beer
_Gael_: *manu* Jealain?
Robb: we probably won’t
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* You love some hip-hop music. DO you know some great french bands *** like NTM or IAM?
Robb: jealain? what’s that mean ?
Rene: How was your first band experience ?
Robb: never heard of them
_Gael_: french beer
Robb: not as good as my first sex experience
Robb: french beer ?
_Gael_: *Swen* happy to play the Dynamo again this year?
Robb: fuck yeah
Rene: What are your hobbies except playing music ?
Robb: drinkin french beer
Robb: gettin french kisses
Robb: and eatin french bread
_Gael_: *manu* Will you be doing some opening acts during this next tour?
Rene: What is your impression about France and french girls ?
Robb: french girls give great french kisses on my dick
Alf: When do plan to settle in France :) ?
Robb: i don’t
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* how does it feel to sell more than your idols in the past like SLAYER?
Robb: hoppefully we’ll do a bunch of little shows in France like we did last time cause it was super crazy
Robb: i didn’t know we did actually sell more than slayer
_Gael_: *manu* What do u think about Kiss
Robb: they can french kiss my dick
Robb: hehe
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* You said you love earth crisis. what do u think about the straight *** edge movement?
Robb: i think it’s great if you have the conviction to stay straight… i personnaly love to drink
_Gael_: *Swen* who’d you like to take on tour with you this time?
Robb: napalm death and skin lab
_Gael_: *manu* Don’t you think Meshuggah’s cool?
Robb: fuck yeah!
_Gael_: *Swen* Any chance that we see a release by Quarteto Da Pinga?
Rene: Do you have some news from Chris contos ?
Robb: the only way to get da pinga is by trading through the underground
Robb: he’s growin larger
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* i read some interviews from some young european bands and they say you influenced them a lot. do u feel flattered by remarks as those in any way?
Robb: completely
_Gael_: *Swen* how would you describe the sleeve cover of TMTC ?
Robb: :)
Robb: it’s like a big french kiss on your dick :)
Rene: What is your “dream band” ? I mean Yngwie Malmsteen playing the guitar, Phil Collins on drums, Sting on bass, Prince singing, etc. (eh just kidding :)
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* what is the most weird question someone asked u during an interview so far?
Robb: hehe my god
_Gael_: *manu* How can we get backstage passes?
Robb: if i like things probed around my asshole, which i don’t
Robb: unless it’s a french kiss
Robb: hehe
Robb: :)
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* what is the best live show you’ve ever played?
Robb: with a french kiss on a lot of assholes :)
Rene: Can you tell us how is the life in california; Is it important for the MH’s music ?
Robb: the best live show i’ve ever played… is probably… belfast, ireland
_Gael_: *manu* When was it?
Robb: the bay area is important to mh’s music
Robb: 2nd day on the slayer tour
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* I think gunjah rules, what about u?
Robb: fuck yeah!
Robb: but beer’s better
_Gael_: *manu* Do u know Loudblast?
Rene:> Logan say that he need to be stoned to be an stage, is it true ?
Robb: both him and adam need to be stoned to live
_Gael_: *Swen* who came up with the idea to do a cover of a rap song? (Colors)
Robb: never heard of them
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* lemmy is 50 years old. do u think u could still play good hard music at 50?
Robb: err
Robb: god i hope so
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* do u agree that european beer is much better than the american one?
Robb: but i better do lot of speed and drink a lot
Robb: yeah but i’m a drink beer all day type of guy
_Gael_: *Bruno* What’s your favorite beer ?
Robb: and european beer gets me fuuuuuucccckkkkkkeeeeedddddd up
Robb: coors light
_Gael_: *manu* Do u like Testament?
Robb: they are all right
_Gael_: *Swen* what’s Bay Of Pigs about?
Robb: pigs, cops and the bay area
Robb: they suck
_Gael_: *Bruno* How many beer do you drink a day ?
Robb: at least 15 and i think you should do
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* what about this car accident in new york?
Robb: you should do too
Alf: How many French Kisses d’ya get a day ?? :)))
Robb: is that an offer ?
Alf: ;)
Robb: :)
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* i read u love guns. dont u agree that there is a big problem with guns in the states?
Robb: fuck yeah but i still love them
_Gael_: *manu* How many BME songs will you be playnig on tour?
Robb: the car accident happened in oakland
Robb: it was dave and adam who got in a wreck on a freeway, dave smashed into the wall, totaled his car and fractured his knee cap and have a surgery
Robb: almost all the songs
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* would u still love guns if your kid got killed in a fight by a bullet?
_Gael_: *manu* Will ther be a huge huge huge stage for the shows, with lights and stuff?
Robb: that isn’t going to stop somebody from breakin into my house and me being able to protect myself
Robb: no just four huge huge huge guys
Rene: Do you sometimes use the Internet ?
Robb: never, this is my first time
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* what is your 5 all time fave songs?
Rene: And what are yours impressions ?
Robb: about what? about the internet?
Rene: Yes
_Gael_: *manu* Do u go to the Berkley square often?
Robb: “hand of doom” by black sabbath, “dead skin mask” by slayer… “roots” by sepultura, “little wing” by jimi hendrix and… “ten ton hammer” by us
Robb: :)
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* is it true that during the slayer support tour u didnt take a *** shower for about 10 days?
Robb: all the time… that’s my backyard
Robb: it was actually 14
Robb: you should try it too
_Gael_: *Mega* How does it feel when you worked hard for years in 80’s with Vio-lence with no big success and now you are doing
_Gael_: +quite well with Machine Head even you just have one album out ?
Robb: justify
Robb: justified
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* slayer didnt let u use their hotel rooms’ showers?
Robb: haha
Robb: i just didn’t feel like taking a shower for that long… that’s the sick fuck that i am
_Gael_: *Swen* any plans to do more Da Pinga stuff?
Robb: you should try french kisses on my butt then
Robb: haha
Rene: Who are your guitar heroes ?
_Gael_: *Bruno* Are the technologie important for the music and his development ?
Robb: randy rhoads, tony iomi, gary holt
Rene: who are they????????????

[Robb never answers this. Hell, he shouldn’t have to. Randy Rhodes is, well, Randy Rhodes. Tony Iomi – Black Sabbath. Gary Holt – Exodus. Mosh]

Robb: that’s a damn question
Robb: hahaha
Robb: now that’s a dumb question
_Gael_: *Mega* Do you feel that metal has gone downhill since the 80’s and that nothing truly new and innovative has been created since that era ?
Rene: Are you really Robb Flynn?
Robb: god no, buy our new record… then it will really tell you how far downhill it’s gone
Robb: hehe
Robb: no but i’m playin him on tv
_Gael_: *Swen* what will be on the digipack release of TMTC ?
Robb: nothing but oasis songs
_Gael_: *Mega* but aren’t you basically doing the same thing with Machine Head that you did with Vio-lence ?
Robb: you’re pretty stupid, aren’t you?
_Gael_: *Swen* so u like Oasis just like Metallica do now ? :)
Robb: hehe
Rene: What do you think about percing ?
Robb: yeah, the rest of the digipack is us playing the new metallica record
Robb: i hate it
_Gael_: *Swen* I’d like to get a copy of Robb doing Wonderwall! :) or Mama Said ! :)
Rene: And your nose ?
Robb: it’s coming… just keep lookin for that rob does wonderwall single
_Gael_: *manu* Don’t u think Metallica’s one of the best live bands?
Robb: totally
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* would u do a show for the profit of charity organisation?
Robb: the robb flynn organization
Robb: haha
Do you knows some news Roadrunner bands ?
Robb: who?
_Gael_: *manu* If you weren’t in MH, would u buy their albums?
Robb: i would own at least 20 copies a piece
_Gael_: *Mega* So would you say that Machine Head has something new to offer for the 90’s metal and that you still continue doing teh same thing next millennium ?
Robb: fuck yeah
_Gael_: *Bruno* What french groups do you like ? If you like a french group.. or singer..
What do you think about the french way of life ?
Robb: hoax and kickback
Robb: i love french kisses on my dick
_Gael_: *Mega* how do you see the state of metal in States these days and how do you rate European metal scene ?
Rene: Why ? american girls cann’t do that
Robb: no they give american kisses on the dick
_Gael_: *Bruno* It’s a reductly vision of the France….
_Gael_: *nahitfol_* would u like KICKBACK to support u at your french tour dates?
Robb: that would be cool
_Gael_: *manu* Are you looking forward to touring?
Robb: god yes
_Gael_: *Swen* is there a chance for a reconciliation with Chris?
Robb: fuck no
_Gael_: *manu* Did he make bad things 2 u?
Robb: sorry but i must go
Robb: it was cool, kickin it

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