Band of the Day: Classic Alien Invasion

Classic Alien Invasion 192Random choice from the outstanding pile, today! So many good bands to pick from, but the lucky bunch on this rainy Saturday are Belgium’s Classic Alien Invasion.

Not exactly newcomers, formed in 2007 by huge thrash and speed metal enthusiasts John Harper and Tom Edwards, they hail from a secure government facility near Achouffe in the wilds of Belgium (Codename Area 666. Maybe). Forged in the black holes of their youthful passions, they produce a metal music back to its roots, straight in your face and far from the complex structures or lyrical stuff that a lot of bands propose today, but keeping melodies.

Amusingly, do a Google search for “Achouffe” and click on the map link. Then look at the top left of your screen and see how Google identifies the location…

Different tempos, aggressive riffs and sounds with guitars driving the music like a jam session coming from the belly of Roswell. They left aside some production tools to create a fresh and expressive music. The end the result is a metal incident not suited for a fragile ear or an ear-fed of metal blockbusters.

I love their tagline:In space… no one can hear you scream… but you will hear them rock!”

Despite being together for seven years, they have only just issued their first release, with two others imminent. “GaAaB” can be heard below, but keep an eye on their official page, soundcloud and bandcamp for future released. The next one is doe out on November 15th.

official | facebook | youtube | soundcloud | bandcamp

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