New Band of the Day: Kalmah

Swamplords! [Source: Kalmah official web page]
Just to repeat a point: “New Bands” refers to bands that are new to me, and probably to a lot of people reading. It’s not always going to be an unsigned artist or someone with one album that’s been on release for a few weeks.

Kalmah have been on the go since 2000 when their first album, Swamplord, was released. They’re currently on album number 6 (12 Gauge (2010)) according to the discog on their web page. So, not a “new” band as such but I’d not heard of them until a friend pointed me towards one of their tracks on YouTube. That’s the one linked below. My first experience of Kalmah should be your first also!

The band are Finnish which straight away gives them metal credentials. If there are two things the Finns can do it’s play metal and drive cars stupidly fast on mud and ice. Oh, and sleep with the lights on for half the year. I’ve been there on midsummer and it really fucks with your body clock.

There’s a nice punchy sound to the music, growly vocals and a decent tune going through them. If you listen to the more recent material you can tell that it’s better produced with more audible layers including some keyboards on “12 Gauge” itself.

On their bio, the band describe themselves as “melodic swamp metal”. I have to confess that until today, I’d not actually heard of swamp metal. I guess it’s like sludge metal but more organic and bubbly. It’s definitely very listen-to-able and I’d love to catch them live from what I’ve heard recorded.

Give them a listen below, dig through YouTube for some other stuff and if you like ’em then go buy an album! They can be found on facebook at “kalmahofficial” or at

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