Band of the Day: The Forgotten Age

The Welsh have a proud history of producing excellent musicians, the prime, and most obvious, example being every mum’s favourite orange bastard Tom Jones. However, the country has far more than this overtly sexual beast for musicians, and has an impressive heavy metal heritage too, with the likes of Funeral For A Friend and Bullet For My Valentine hailing from the land of the leek. Now though, another group has arisen, ready to rub shoulders with the big boys of rock: The Forgotten Age. Forming in 2014, the young quartet have worked tirelessly on their craft, knowing that comparisons are something of an inevitability, facing them head-on.

The Forgotten Age are on the cusp of releasing their second EP, Paradigm, and recently dropped the first single from the release, “Relent”, a fast gut-punch of a song which packs as much emotion as it does power. Perhaps the single title, “Relent”, is ironic, as the track itself certainly does not do so! So before you decide to dive into this post-metalcore extravaganza, make sure your seat-belt is well and truly buckled, lest you be blown away.

This is not to say that “Relent” is a brutalist track with no compassion for the listener, quite the opposite in fact. While the track certainly releases a wild amount of energy, it is not the anarchic energy one would usually expect from a heavy metal track. Instead, “Relent” is infused with melody, with big, booming soundscapes, and with enough crunchy riffs to give it a real bite. While this particular style is not a far throw from Funeral For A Friend or Bullet For My Valentine, it is clear that The Forgotten Age have taken influence from these bands, yet have used that influence to boost their own refined and particular sound.

That said, The Forgotten Age have done something few other bands have been able to; taking a particular sound and developing it into something of their own. While the likes of BFMV and other contemporary metal groups may continue with their ever-ageing sound, The Forgotten Age will surely be there to take their place with their newer, more diverse, and more intriguing sound. Here’s to the next big rock outfit to come from the land of the dragon; Wales.

Paradigm is released on the 29th of June.

The Forgotten Age: facebook | twitter | instagram | soundcloud


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