Album Review: Seething Akira – Sleepy Skeletor

I’ve been waiting for this one. It’s no secret that Seething Akira were one of the acts which completely blew me away at Bloodstock last year, and I’ve been happy to push people in their direction ever since. With only a relatively small collection of music to enjoy, though, it’s about time they released a full album and that’s what we have here. Ten tracks (plus an intro) of dance/metal fused together in a hand-waving/head-banging conglomeration that’ll have you screaming along.

The album proper begins with “The Monster From Brussels” which builds quite slowly for thirty seconds before smashing you with samples, chugging bass, drum beats and the twin vocals of Charlie and Kit. What I love about Seething Akira’s sound is that at its heart it’s very basic. The rhythms are simple – they chug, they belt and they stick in your head. If I was to come up with a comparison, it’d be hardcore. Vocals being spat out with a solid beat behind them. Only, of course, with this bunch it’s crushing rock and pounding dance which collide.

One of the album highlights slots in as track three: “Matching Poles of Magnets”. Heavy on the samples and punished drumskins, yet with a very singalong chorus, this song just nails everything good about Seething Akira. “We. Will. Not. Fail.” Indeed! Alongside “I Am The Devil” (which you can check out below) and “Disconnect”, you have three absolute blinders on Sleepy Skeletor. And that’s not to say the rest if just filler, oh no.

What I’ve discovered with this release is that Seething aren’t just a one-trick dancing pony. There are a couple of lighter numbers on here, and the very essence of dance and remixing means that they’ve been able to weave together more interesting sounds. “Half Empty”, for instance, is airy and flows more than pounds. It’s a downbeat track about lost love, perhaps not something you’d expect from an act like this. “Even Angels Break Hearts” is heavier, but brings in guest vocalist Dani Uziel for sections, making this more a power ballad of sorts.

I’ve listened to the album maybe a dozen times or more over the last couple of days and it’s not failed to delight. If I have one criticism it’s simply that it fails to channel exactly how incredible the band are live. I can’t wait to experience these songs in a small, sweaty venue with a bouncing crowd. Tour dates for those of you lucky enough to have the opportunity to do so are below.

Sleepy Skeletor is out on June 29th

Sleepy Skele-Tour July 2018:

  • 6th The Anvil, Bournemouth
  • 7th The Cobblestones, Bridgwater
  • 8th Mulberry Tavern, Sheffield
  • 9th Satan’s Hollow, Manchester
  • 10th The Underground, Plymouth
  • 11th Fat Lil’s Bar, Witney
  • 12th The Unicorn, Camden
  • 13th The Junction, Ashford
  • 14th The Sussex Arms, Tunbridge Wells
  • 15th The Joiners, Southampton

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