Band of the Day: Track and Field

The days of emo-supremacy, when swishy fringes and hi-top Converse trainers ruled with an iron fist, are long gone, but while the fashion may have subsided over the years, the musical style remains alive and vibrant, as proven by today’s Band of the Day, Track and Field. A quartet based in Leeds, these indie-rockers have a wealth of experience between them. Having been born from the ashes of the hardcore movement of years past, Track and Field incorporate a punk element to their otherwise melodic and harmonious sound, adding a dash of gruffness to their work.

Following on from their initial EP release last year, the band have recently released their debut album, Natural Light, a collection of hauntingly cinematic songs which will be stuck in your head for days on end.

“Simple Life” is a perfect example of their unique blending of emo-esque lyrics, indie-rock, with a sprinkling of punkish roughness. The track opens with a full on barrage of classic guitar style rock, with listeners thrown in at the deep end, immediately plunged in to the world of Track and Field. What is interesting is the fact that, almost immediately, alongside the heavy, slightly-distorted guitars, there is a high-pitched, entirely melodic, repeated guitar riff; something which would not sound out of place on a Two Door Cinema Club track. It’s the simple inclusions like this that make Track and Field stand out, the small differences which allow them to stand apart from the rest of the rock scene.

The rest of the single is choc-full of almost-annoyingly catchy melodies which you will find yourself singing along to without even noticing, and when you do notice, you wont even mind. The only true criticism I could find with “Simple Life” is that it ends far too soon. Good thing Natural Light is now out and available to stream on Spotify!

Track and Field have harnessed the classic sound of indie-rock and infused with it the emotional barrage of guitars and group singing which was so prevalent within the emo movement of yesteryear. These boys have developed a sound which is quite special and, when you truly listen to the music, feels rather intimate in places.

Natural Light  is out now and is available here.

Track and Field: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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