New Band of the Day: The SpacePimps

The SpacePimps
The SpacePimps

I noticed that The SpacePimps are attached to labels in China and Japan, two territories which seem to pick up on a lot of bands that the Western world treats as mainstream, niche or simply not worth bothering with. Thing is, many of the acts which explode over there are simply brilliant and it amazes me that they don’t do better over here. Marty Friedman, for instance, is huge in Japan as a solo artist. Andrew WK is massive there, yet plays venues with a 300-ish capacity in the UK.

Add to that list The SpacePimps, a three-part pop/punk band who probably have more in common soundwise with the likes of Bowling For Soup or Blink-182 than any other band that drifts into my head at present.

Bouncy songs to make a crowd pogo, lyrics about partying… very much a fun band that set out to do nothing but ensure their fans enjoy themselves. The video below was shot using nobody but the band, crew and a ton of fans who were invited over to take part. Even the “acting” roles are performed by fans who turned up ad-hoc on the day.

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