Band of the Day: Sanatana

Shortly after the review of Nokturnal Mortum’s last album Verity, I had the pleasure to learn about the side project of their guitarist Jurgis, Sanatana.

Created with his wife in 2016, the one of a kind concept is entirely based on the Vedic ideology and ancient culture, which is basically the oldest origin of Hinduism. It is also a way of life supported and followed by the project members. Sanatana is one artistic way of dedicating to this philosophy.

The artwork and promo pictures reflect this spiritual and artistic wealth. Musically speaking, genuine mantras and prayers performed by Vedic tradition priests as well as various instruments from ancient cultures contributed to the oriental and enchanting vibes.

You’ll hear them the most on the new-age part “Vidya”. Some of the acoustic melodies and drums kind of remind me of the Moon and the Nightspirit, who I saw in April. It’s a similar sound but it’s not the same spirit at all. There’s more quietude and depth in Mariya’s work and some of her tunes can be lively in their own way.

The metal part, “Brahma”, by Jurgis sounds much more frank in comparison, which is not a bad thing in itself. It naturally sounds more hectic as well without actually losing in melodicity. It is partially thanks to the guitar hero side and the great clean voice singing that was really nice to hear in contrast with the work with Khors.

Sanatana is part of the roster of Rising Moon Productions, if you are interested in outstanding and interesting projects, check it out !

Sanatana: official | facebook | bandcamp | youtube

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