Trobar de Morte / The Moon & the Nightspirit – Bordeaux, Salem (7th of April 2017)

Last week, Trobar de Morte and The Moon & the Nightspirit came to play in Bordeaux for the “Into the Forest” tour organized by Rising Moon Productions. I had the pleasure of being there and even if it was not the kind of folk music I usually listen to, it was an interesting and rewarding experience.

Trobar de Morte – Photo by Alain Koenig

The night started with Trobar de Morte who come from Barcelona. The sextet has a very specific aesthetic, be it for the stage decoration (I especially enjoyed the light in the drum that made it look like a moon), the costumes and accessories.

The attention is mainly caught by Lady Morte who is a good singer, dancer and musician. From whispers to lyrical singing, from the whistle to the hurdy-gurdy, and from the veils to the sabre she handles them all with skill and talent. She is accompanied by real troubadours who, despite the sweet and melancholic atmosphere, know how to bring the brightest touch with festive parts and freshness.

Trobar de Morte – Photo by Alain Koenig

They also are the most literal representation of Celtiberian culture: a deeply oriental universe created by Lady Morte and the drums tinged with a super Celtic duo of whistles and violin.

Shout-out to the bassist Vic who presented a song in French. It’s not an easy thing to do so I really appreciated the effort!

More pictures of Trobar de Morte here.

The Moon & the Nightspirit – Photo by Alain Koenig

The stage suddenly seems much more sombre and dark when quartet The Moon & The Nightspirit comes in. The white lights and the wide black clothes left a big first impression on me and the contrast between the previous band and them couldn’t be clearer.

The other impression I quickly had was that a fifth member was missing when I heard the samples of mouth harp and piano.

The atmosphere is more refined, giving way to a pleasant daydreaming and turning the concert into a peaceful journey led by the violinist, the guitarist and their vocal duo.

The Moon & the Nightspirit – Photo by Alain Koenig

And it of course has adventures. The Moon & the Nightspirit surprised me many times with dancing melodies and especially with this unexpected percussions solo.

Although we can’t clearly hear them that much on the last album Metanoia, the excellent acoustic of the venue properly enlightened them.

More pictures of The Moon & the Nightspirit here.

I ended the night with a satisfying feeling of having attended a complete show from both bands. The venue was far from full because Amon Amarth was in town the same evening but I was quite happy about it to be honest. An intimate atmosphere was the best way to enjoy this concert. Once again, I am grateful to Rising Moon Productions for organizing a folk concert in my region and I hope more tours will come around soon!

Photos by Alain Koenig

Trobar de Morte: official | facebook

The Moon & the Nightspirit: official | facebook

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