Band of the Day: Plastic Barricades

Sometimes, it can be nice to not have death metal deafen you with violent screams and furious blastbeats, and instead enjoy some melodic, chirpy, and massively catchy indy-pop rock. That’s where today’s band of the day, Plastic Barricades, come into play. The London-based trio, featuring guitars from Jonas Svendsen, have recently released their new single, “How Goldfish Grow”, which is part of the Mechanics of Life LP, due to be released later in the year, and is full to the brim with dream-like melodies, and a Two Door Cinema Club-esque style.

Frankly, where Plastic Barricades have found the time to write and release anything is a mystery when you look at their extensive and continuous list of gigs from 2013 until March this year; no small feat! Despite their rather crowded gig schedule, the group have managed to produce something rather special, with “How Goldfish Grow” being yet another addition to Plastic Barricade’s increasingly meaty discography.

The track itself plays in two styles which alternate as the song progresses, initially following a quiet, subdued style where singer Dan Kert’s voice dominates, which, in true Brit-rock fashion is full of accent and personality. The track then falls in to a far louder, yet still entirely harmonic, style where every member of the band plays as one. Guitarist Svendsen truly shows off his talent on “How Goldfish Grow”, as he utilises an almost-funky style of play throughout the most part of the song, until his solo around three quarters of the way through sees him briefly takes centre stage.

Being released alongside the new single, there is also an animated music video for “How Goldfish Grow”, courtesy of animator Tiziano Pilustri. The aesthetic of the video matches that of the style of the music, with soft, pastel colours and rounded shapes being used predominantly to carry the narrative, making for an excellent pairing to an already thoroughly enjoyable song.

How Goldfish Grow is out now and available here.

Plastic Barricades: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | soundcloud

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