Band of the Day: YYLVA

What a great start to a day to discover new music! For today’s Band of the Day we take a look at UK’s atmospheric black metal YYLVA, an unprecedented new solo project from Clare Webster, vocalist for UK gothic doom metal band, Edenfall.

As a self-taught harpist, she has been known to play in support of bands such as Leaves’ Eyes, Mortiis and Hecated Enthroned. This has later inspired our artist to combine her knowledge of the harp into a genre she had long loved: atmospheric black metal.

YYLVA is keen to harmonize the raucous resonance of black metal with the ethereal overtones of the Celtic harp; something that until now, has seldom been done before, if not at all. The slow, dark tone of the music with an enchanting vocal tone makes this band a unique discovery, sure to sway fans of the darkest and doomiest sides of metal.

Clare comments:

“Although my heart has always belonged to black and doom metal and acts such as Agalloch, Alcest and Woods of Ypres have always been very inspirational to me, traditional, medieval and folk has always tugged at my heartstrings for its unearthly beauty and its ability to take you elsewhere; this is what led me to the Celtic harp. I think it’s safe to say that purchasing my first harp in November 2013 was probably one of the best decisions I ever made; not only does the instrument carry the most wondrous sound, but its demeanour seems to captivate and enchant its audience in a way that no other instrument can. Above all, nature and spirituality are my greatest influences: I want to create something that emits the same sense of awe, wonderment and intrigue that I feel when exploring an ancient forest under a full moon.”

With the release of their Bathory cover “Ring of Gold” we can finally enjoy the new and inspiring mix of a harp incorporated into atmospheric black metal.

YYLVA: official | facebook | instagram | youtube

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