Band of the Day: Way Of Changes[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /]Way of Changes began to form in 2013, and by early 2014 had a full five member line-up. Based in Switzerland, they’re a fresh-faced metalcore band. And by “fresh-faced” I mean annoyingly young!

Towards the end of 2014, they released Honesty, their 6-track debut EP. It’s an impressive mixture of staccato rhythms, heavy beats and growled vocals – slightly more death metal and less harsh than the usual metalcore sound, though backing vocals fall more into that style.

Though heavy, there’s a bit of pace to the songs – especially for “In & Out” and “Counting Seconds” – which I just have a feeling will be ramped up for a live show. “Counting Seconds” is probably my pick of the tracks with a good balance of rhythm, speed and variety.

Giving a real change of pace, though, is closer “Cuckoo” which you can hear below. With a melodic start and a much slower rhythm throughout, it’s an unusual blend of styles which works well.

You can pick up the EP via the band’s website or bandcamp (and probably other places!)

official | facebook | twitter | youtube | instagram | soundcloud | bandcamp

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