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[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /]Classic 80’s thrash band Virus are still on the go and had a bevy of updates the other day.

After losing their guitarist and their drummer last year, they auditioned for some time and have recruited replacements. Donna Grimshaw “smashed through her audition & nailed it!” making her the new skin-smith, and Javier Rute Rodriguez is now the new guitarist.

The band plan to release their first album in twenty years in 2015. No date as yet, but the title is mooted to be Evolution Apocalipse (sic).

Plans are also being made for a UK tour. If the idea of this legendary thrash outfit playing at your venue or touring as part of your package appeals, then drop them a line: Virusthrashband at that gmail dot com (deciphering required for spam protection!).


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