New Band of the Day: Below the Depths

Below the Depths

Back in Blighty for today’s band of miscreants. North-west England to be exact, paying a visit to see melodic hardcore quintet Below the Depths.

Formed in 2010, they released an EP last year and are spending 2013 working towards a full album release. As befits a hardcore act, their music is very shouty and angry. They’ve also managed to get some good rhythm going which should have any crowd jumping before they start belting the crap out of each other.

Staccato riffs lead into each track with a bass/drum section to keep things bouncing along. There isn’t a point in any of the tracks I listened to which encourages you to sit still. Even the melodic vocal breaks are backed with some head-nodding bass drum pedal-work that makes sure you don’t take a break.

More info and links to tracks on their facefart page.

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