Band of the Day: Dream Circus

Dream Circus - Land of Make BelievePortugal, today, to have a listen to grungey rockers Dream Circus. Featuring five members, they’ve so far released one EP and an album, and you can sample a track from the more recent disc (2012’s Land of Make Believe) at the bottom of the page.

Formed in 2009, the band aimed to recreate and put a modern spin on the grunge sound of the early 90’s – something I think they’ve managed to do pretty well without sounding derivative. While the music has the dirty sound associated with bands of the era, the vocals are a lot stronger and clearer.

Land of Make Believe is available to purchase on iTunes and if it’s your cup of tea then make sure to follow the band on facebook as they gear up to release the next album in 2015.

facebook | soundcloud


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