Band of the Day: NiteRain

NiteRain - CrossfireImagine what Steel Panther would sound like if they were just playing their chosen genre of sleazy hair metal, but without the rampant sexism, filth and (quite so much) depravity. It wouldn’t fall far short of what NiteRain are pumping out.

Sounding like it could have been released in 1989, their debut album Crossfire actually came out in November 2013. Unlike most of the bigger glam/sleaze bands of the golden era of hairy, silly, girly metal (of which I’m guiltily quite fond), NiteRain aren’t from the US but Oslo in Norway. A city where you can’t actually legally obtain the services of a whore… but that doesn’t stop them singing about them.

Crunchy rhythm guitars, wailing leads, piercing vocals, shouty choruses… this is as good a sleaze metal album as I’ve heard for some time. I was going to run off a short review of it, but thought the band were good enough to qualify for something a little longer (fnaar) so here it is.

On top of their own touring they also landed support shows for L.A Guns, CrashDiet (themselves a previous Band of the Day), Pretty Boy Floyd and others. With the sound they have, I can honestly say I’d expect a good show. Like Australia’s Dead City Ruins on the Skid Row / Ugly Kid Joe tour, Niterain impressed one band they were opening for (L.A.Guns) so much that they were invited to continue touring with them after the first short run of dates were concluded.

Definitely a band I’ll be keeping an out for should they hit the UK, and an album that will be leaking its way onto my playlist fairly regularly. In the meantime, they’re working on album number two to be recorded later this year.

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