Maahlas debut full length album “Nightmare Years” out now

Maahlas - Nightmare YearsNorwegian Metal act Maahlas released their debut full length album “Nightmare Years” on June 14th, 2014, and it now getting a second push.

Since forming in 2012 Maahlas have been crafting their sound into what is now known as Progressive Melodic Death / Black Metal which can be witnessed on their debut album. Nightmare Years is a concept album that tackles such subject matter as environmental issues, religion & political struggles while mixing in some sci-fi themes to create a unique experience for the listener over the course of eleven tracks. Once the line up is finalized expect to catch Maahlas out on the road in support of the album.

Nightmare Years is available now for purchase in digital format on iTunes and Spotify.

A promotional video for the single “Nightmare Years” can be seen below.

Track list:

  1. Sun of the Summerian
  2. A False World
  3. Morning Light
  4. An Ancestral Memory
  5. At the Edge of Life
  6. Gliese 667 / Æra
  7. Nightmare Years
  8. The Great Divide
  9. Birth of Sentience
  10. Of Hypocrisy, Hate and Fall
  11. Simulacrum of Reality

official (1) | official (2) | facebook | youtube

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