Band of the Day: Severnica

Severnica - Long Lost LongingSevernica is a five-piece symphonic metal band from Turku in Finland. At least all the paperwork says they are, though there are six people in all the band photos so I have a feeling that has changed!

They’ve been around since at least early 2013 (that’s when their web presence began to be felt anyway) and they’ve very recently released their debut EP Long Lost Longing. You can stream it from umpteen locations and buy it from many – follow the links below!

Fronted by Maarit Nieminen with her high, clear vocal style, the music is more lower keyed so that the singing stands out. I’d actually say that a lot of the music on the album – guitars, bass and drums – is pretty heavy. The keyboards are a nice counterpoint and the vocals somehow blend in to give a very listen-to-able sound overall.

As an extra, the band have just been announced as one of six contenders in Firebrand Rock Radio’s “Band of the Month” competition. So if you like them, then as well as getting their EP do feel free to vote for them as well!

Thanks to drummer and webmeister Ville for getting in touch with info on the band. Best of luck to them!

official | facebook | twitter | bandcamp | youtube | soundcloud

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