Vorzug set to release debut single “I Am In Hell”

Vorzug - I Am In HellNewly formed Phoenix, Arizona (U.S.) based Death / Black Metal band Vorzug are set to release their first recorded material in the form of a single entitled “I Am In Hell”. The Single was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Michael Beck at Soundvision Studios in Tempe, Arizona & will be released by Apollyon Entertainment on August 30th. The Single will be available on all major digital downloading sites (iTunes, Google Play, Rhapsody, Amazon, Sony Music Unlimited, etc.) as well as on online streaming sites (i Heart Radio, Slacker, Spotify, Last.fm, etc.) on that day.

Vorzug features drummer- Daniel Beck, bassist- Rock Rollain, guitarist- Ivan “Graven” Schone and vocalist- Anthony Hoyes. Many members have previously worked together in other bands including Blood Haven, Kult Of Thorn, The Lustmord (the death metal band, not the dark ambient band) and punk rock icons Green Jelly.

Vorzug are currently working on their debut full length album, the album is expected to be released in 2015 with Michael Beck once again performing the Mixing and Mastering duties.


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