Third Ion (ex-Devin Townsend Band & Into Eternity) debut single

Third Ion - Capitol SpillThird Ion, the new Canadian prog metal group featuring former members of The Devin Townsend Band and Into Eternity, have released its debut single “Capitol Spill”. You can listen to it below.

The band has also launched Kickstarter campaign to assist in completion of its debut album, 13/8Bit. To support Third Ion visit their Kickstarter page.

Third Ion is the product of a mutual love of prog, video games, and science. The debut album is currently over half written, and will contain eight to ten songs, including the title track which is written entirely in 13/8 time signature. 8-Bit musical renditions of every song will be released as well, to pay homage to their 1980s classic gaming inspirations.

official | facebook | youtube


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