Band of the Day: Eternal Endeavour

Eternal Endeavour - Out Of AshesLloyd from Eternal Endeavour dropped me a line earlier this week to tell me about the band’s new EP which is due out soon. They’re working on a press pack and want reviews, quotes and – obviously – a bit of publicity. Well, hey, that’s what we’re here to do… help each other out (in the words of the great Tom Araya).

Eternal Endeavour are a four-piece from Dorset in the UK – that’s “way down south” to a northerner like me. Joining Lloyd (who plays guitar) are Chris on drums, Alexander on bass and Jon on vocals.

They label themselves simply “rock” though I’d be tempted to say they’re verging into the metal territory with a fairly heavy sound. The four tracks on the EP offer a fair bit of variety while at the same time being obviously from the same band with a sound of their own.

I love the main riffs to the tracks and they’re not overly complex. This is a band who aren’t showing off, but playing well together and it works based on these samples.

Three of the songs are moderately fast-paced and suit a good widdle on the air guitar. The fourth, “Give It All” is a little slower and head-bangier… at least to start with. My personal pick is “Fallen Angel” (no, not a Poison cover), which rattles and bounces along from the opening notes right to the bitter end. I’ve popped it down below for you to have al listen to, with permission of the band.

All the tracks were recorded in a home studio so the production’s not up there with a professional release, but it’s damn good all the same. For something a bunch of lads have put together off their own backs, it shows just what you can do if you really believe in yourselves. Sorry if that sound trite, but I really respect people who can create something like this and release it for public consumption.

They seem to play a few gigs, so if you live in that foreign country known as “The South” then keep your eyes open for their live dates.

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