Band of the Day: Hornets

Hornets logoHailing from Dublin, Hornets are undeniably a nest of musical fury, stitching punk thrash into doom laden grooves in a snarling collision of mismatched sonics that somehow, some way, works.

“We never set out to make music with any particular sound in mind other than HEAVY,” asserts James McAuley, vocalist. “Our sound is raw and aggressive, but we generally take influence from any form of music that makes interesting use of time signatures and grooves in the rhythm section.”

They’ve got one single, “Stay Free”, out now and an EP to follow at the end of March. Their BandCamp page has their old EP on it for download for any price you’d care to cough up – and that includes nowt if you’re a tight-arse. Can’t say fairer than that.

To mark the release of No Faith, Hornets will make their first foray outside of Ireland, the quartet currently gearing up to export their high octane, intense live show to UK audiences throughout March. “We’re not trying to be anything we’re not, and we don’t put on a front,” concludes drummer McAuley. “We’re just real people, writing real music that means a lot to us.”

Those live dates (with more to be added) are:

  • 21st March Liverpool – Maguires
  • 23rd March Sheffield – Lug Hole
  • 25th March Eastbourne – Buskers
  • 29th March Selby – The Riverside

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