New Band of the Day: The David Liberty Band

The David Liberty Band - Chains and BonesThe David Liberty band are an edgy rock act with a political slant, which you’ll be able to tell quite quickly if you listen to their lyrics. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; let’s face it, rock and metal has been all about rebellion since the year dot. The Sex Pistols, Sacred Reich, Obituary, Billy Bragg, Napalm Death, Nuclear Assault… so many acts in so many genres have used their music to speak out for or against a multitude of things. Social issues, political, human rights, and so on.

David Liberty is a political creature, particularly as a result of being born in the Middle East. He believes in fighting for political freedom from repression, political dogma and religious dogma and the band’s latest song (“Protest Song”) expresses that expertly. His real passion is the power of truthful, uncensored lyrics in music, as well as for the rights of man to a life free of persecution.

“Protest Song” is from the new album Chains and Bones which is out this week. It’s full of bluesy/country rock with a message. Opinionated without being preachy. This is his sixth album overall and second with The David Liberty Band.

Enjoy the track and keep an eye out for the album if you reckon it’s your kind of thing.

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