New Band of the Day: Kingpin

KingPinKingpin (the Glasgow version) features members and ex-members of several local bands. They’re a groove-metal/hardcore crossover that leave little the imagination and guarantee a live show that will leave you breathless.

I’d heard of them around and about, but over the last week or two I’ve had one of my pupils go on about how good they are, and then the band started following me on Twitter. Hint taken, so here they are!

Listening to their three-track EP (available via their official page for… nowt! Or make a donation), they sound more like hardcore with thrash added than vice versa. Solid, heavy, slow, and bitter before launching into more up-tempo and pit-friendly segments. One for the angrier people amongst you.

If the attached bandcamp embed doesn’t work, please go to their web page for a listen instead!

official (bandcamp) | facebook | twitter

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December 12, 2014 6:55 PM

[…] Kingpin was the last band we saw [they were a New Band of the Day back in January – Mosh]. In my opinion they were definitely the best live act with their fast and furious […]