Band of the Day: At The Sun

Sometimes, you hear a band play and you just think to yourself “Wow, that fucking rocks”. It can come out of nowhere and take you by surprise, leaving you with an immediate connection that sees you wanting to hear more. That is exactly what happened to me with today’s Band of the Day, At The Sun, and their debut release, the Breathe EP. The London-based quintet’s first release is chock-full blues-infused, hard rock delights, a treat for any fan of rock, metal, or music as a whole!

At The Sun follow a classic style of rock, one which is more often than not overlooked within the contemporary rock and metal scene. With big guitar solos, clean vocals with gruff edges, and melodies which you cannot help but nod your head along to, Breathe is something of a breath of fresh air in a scene which has become bloated with image-obsessed rock bands. The smooth, bluesy guitar-work of Chet and Kieron laced throughout the EP add something extra to the traditional rock style which dominates Breathe, elevating the group from a simple rock band, to one which have much more to offer.

With Breathe being simply the debut from At The Sun, there is no telling of the heights which the quintet could reach. Their distinct classic rock-meet-blues style puts them heads and shoulders above other young bands within the contemporary rock scene, and are definitely a group worth a listen.

Breathe is out now and available [amazon text=at Amazon&asin=B071Z6Y3RZ].

At The Sun: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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Craig Steen
June 19, 2017 12:53 PM

Thanks for your kind words, Nick. Chuffed to bits that you love the EP :)