New Band of the Day (2): Thulium

Second new band of the day today (courtesy of a duplicate in 2013), and this one’s a heads-up for a new release coming in February.

I saw the name “Thulium” and thought there’s a cheap joke. Thulium is a metal located on the period table with the atomic number of 69. Which, of course, made me giggle. And then the band spoiled it by naming their album Sixty Nine.

Thulium - Sixty Nine
Thulium – Sixty Nine

Anyway, after their 2010 3-track demo (called, erm, 69), this is their first release. It’s another album to be funded via Kickstarter where a pledge of only £1 got you a full copy of the album. Not a bad deal! And obviously one that worked with 321 backers taking them over the £5000 target ahead of schedule.

The band themselves come from London and have been around since 2008. By “come from London”, I really mean that they’re based their. Each of the five members comes from a different country – Spain, England, Brazil, South Africa and France. All very DragonForce.

Soundwise, they bill themselves as alternative/rock/metal. Certainly there’s a variety of stuff in the handful of tracks you can listen to online, from slower numbers to faster-paced, more rocky ones.

Have a listen and remember that there’s a whole new bunch of stuff coming out in a little over a month!

official | facebook | twitter | myspace | reverbnation | youtube

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