New Band of the Day: La-Ventura

La-Ventura - White Crow
La-Ventura – White Crow

Today’s new band made themselves known via a post on the Moshville Times facebook page. Which I can’t find again (bloody facefart), so I’m glad I made a note of it!

They’re a female-fronted gothic/melodic metal band based out of Oostberg in The Netherlands (that’s “Holland” to all of you who failed geography, never win pub quizzes and don’t own a passport). Typically of this genre of bands, they’re very much vocal-led and this works well as singer Carla has a great voice.

From what I can piece together, the band have released an EP and two albums. All of these can be sampled at their official web page (click on the “Audio” link to listen to a segment of almost every song). Similarly, the SoundCloud-hosted “Song For An Idiot” embedded below is cut short of the full running time, but is plenty long enough to give you a flavour of what they’re like.

Quality is high, with the songs very quick to get into. Toe-tappy and head-noddy, with good lyrics that those more vocally talented than myself should find themselves singing loudly in the car when they think nobody can hear them.

The most recent album, White Crow, seems to be doing well and I gather from their facefart page that they’re expecting to have it released physically in more countries shortly. So if you really like it and really want a CD version, then that’s the place you should be looking for updates. Of course, you do have the option of buying it directly from the band themselves… Definitely a good way of ensuring they get as much of the cash as possible!

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