New Band of the Day: Akatsuki


An unusual NBotD today – a solo act (sort of) with only one single released! Debopam got in touch to ask if I would review his single and, as I don’t really do that, I suggested a New Band of the Day feature instead.

From what I can gather, Debopam is the creative force behind Akatsuki though their facefart page bio does list a couple of others on various instruments. The only track released so far is called “The Prince” and you can find it over at They’ve managed to ink a deal with  Portuguese label and are five tracks through writing an eight-song album.

So what can you expect? Debopam lists his influences as “jazz to metal to blues to folk to classical”. From listening to the single, it seems that he’s opted to really crash these genres together rather than try too hard to force them to work.

“The Prince” is a fairly haunting but gentle track, mainly with soft guitars and keyboard, but it’s overlaid with harsh black metal style lyrics. What surprised me is how well this works. As far as I’m aware, this is a unique blend/style and I’m definitely interested in hearing what the other 7 tracks end up like.

I think they’re the first band from the eastern half of India I’ve covered (Kolkata / Calcutta to be precise), and further proof that this country has a lot to offer the rock/metal world.

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August 10, 2014 11:11 AM

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