Surgical Steel one day away

Available to pick up tomorrow...
Available to pick up tomorrow…

For those who prefer to walk to the shops, browse and purchase physical objects (hey, I’m like that with books – I’m not having a go), Carcass‘ superb new release Surgical Steel is released in Europe tomorrow.

I know a load of people who’ve already picked it up, either electronically and/or from other territories – I don’t understand this staggered release thing, it’s pointless in this day and age – and reviews/opinions have been near-universally good.

While I appreciate the simple fact that it’s the first goddamn Carcass album in twenty years is going to provide rose-tinted hearing aids, the simple fact is that it is actually that fucking good.

If you’re unsure, there are plenty of places online where you can sample full songs or parts of tracks. I’ll be amazed if you’re a fan of their genre and don’t love this album.

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