New Band of the Day: Syndrome

Syndrome - Colourful Cows
Syndrome – Colourful Cows

“Electronic rock” isn’t a phrase you’ll find used on here very often, but note that it includes the word “rock” and is therefore within the bounds of this page. Hell, some people would argue that Morbid Angel‘s latest (of which I’m actually very fond) would just about fit into this category.

Syndrome are definitely more electronic that most, though, using novel techniques to create their tracks which you can read more about on their official page.

I don’t know a lot about the band. I can’t find them on facefart – there’s a dead link to a facefart page from the official one – and that official site is more about the music and techniques than anything else. What I can say is that they’re Israeli and have been together since 2010. They recently released their debut 6-track EP, Colourful Cows.

The experimental side of things can come across a little hippy/trippy, but not too much so. Likewise, the electronic side – while very obvious – isn’t forced upon you. The traditional instruments (or samples thereof) are present and correct to ensure the “rock” part is taken care of. There’s a kind of ambient tone to some of the work as well, which normally would mean I’d not like it, but – again – it’s not the whole of the sound.

It’s very much a case of you’ll either like it or you won’t. Either way, it’s definitely worth listening to before writing it off on the basis that some of the instruments have QWERTY keyboards.

I’ve selected one of their singles to put below as it comes with a video, but you can listen to the whole album via the afore-linked website or on bandcamp. If you like it loads, you can download it for however much you like.

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