New Band of the Day: Shattered Skies

Shattered Skies (2013)

London Town. Smog, bankers and the seat of government for Her Majesty’s isles. So, not a lot going for it really.

However, Shattered Skies have set up home here despite hailing from the Emerald Isle so it’s got at least one plus point. Playing a rather unique blend of “melodic groove metal” (according to their facefart page), they do bring something new to the metal party.

Despite only forming in January 2011, they have their first EP out by May of the same year. You can grab it (for free, or make a donation) at their bandcamp page. Currently, they’re working on a full album with a release date of sometime after today. Hey, I’m not psychic, though with accurate predictions like that perhaps I’m in the wrong job.

With a nice heavy sound melded to some genuinely groovy segments, the songs I’ve listened to give plenty of chances to bang your head like a twat and then attempt some kind of funky chicken dance preferably aided by several (pint-glass sized) shots of Jager.

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December 24, 2013 5:23 PM

[…] Skies were a New Band of the Day some time ago and, indeed have also featured as a Cover Song of the Day before! Just good timing on their part […]