New Band of the Day: HI-GH

Another overseas band who come from “ROMA“. I did some research, went though a few books, asked around, Googled and finally asked one of my work colleagues and it turns out this is actually “Rome” only spelled wrong. Or in Italian. Either way, they’re from the land of pizza and structurally unsound towers.

HI-GH – Night Dances (2013)

They play speed metal and tick both boxes – speed and metal. With one EP (Loud Frequences On Planet Jupiter) and a full album (Night Dances) to pick from, there are plenty of songs to prove their worth as well.

Musically, they definitely know what they’re doing with some great intros to some of the tracks. The kind that give you a chance to get that pit open before the mayhem ensues.

Get the air guitar out of the cupboard and, if your my age, the long-haired wig so you can windmill the fuck out of the solos. Then check ’em out on facefart and give them a “like”.

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