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Loco (Coal Chamber song)
Loco (Coal Chamber song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quite timely with the band reforming for a one-off(?) at this year’s Download Festival (and others), this interview with Coal Chamber dates back to around 1997. Apologies as I have no record of the actual date, but it would have been around the time of their first album and was recorded before they headlined Bradford Rios.

If anyone can pin down a date from that, then please let me know!

The audio quality’s not brilliant as there were other people talking in the background that the microphone seems to have picked up in preference to the interview…

As ever, feel free to listen, copy, pass around or transcribe in full or in part. All I ask is credit and a link back. If you transcribe it, I’d be happy to publish it here. Very happy. Saves me a ton of typing.

(Download link)

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May 12, 2015 10:41 AM

[…] There’s no of lack of variety throughout and I doubt anyone who was a fan of the band pre-split will be disappointed by what’s on offer here. It’s like they took a break to kick some fresh ideas around, and it’s paid off. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing them in Glasgow around 18 years after the last time I caught them live – and when I interviewed a very young-looking Dez Fafara! […]