New Band of the Day: Monolith Cult

Some miserable bastards in Bradford. Yesterday.

I’m kind of embarrassed that I’ve not covered this gloomy (there’s joke there for fans) bunch of buggers sooner, mainly as their bassist is married to my wife’s cousin. It’s all very incestuous, but doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re pretty fucking good anyway.

Their debut album Run From the Light is out now, but there’s only one track online that I can find for you to sample. It’s the title track, and it’s – quite simply – nice and heavy. It’s also catchy and fairly fast-paced once it gets going.

It really is a strange mix. Slow, ponderous and heavy (like a giant’s testicles) at the start and end. To be fair, living in Bradford you’re bound to get depressed and miserable so this is the kind of stuff you’ll churn out. How the fuck Terrorvision managed to produce bouncy pop-rock I’ll never know. *ahem* Anyway. The obvious comparison is with Black Sabbath, but thankfully with someone who can sing doing vocals, not a drugged-out Ozzy.

Further info, as ever, on the band’s facefart page.

[Covering my arse: I do give Bradford a rough time, but it’s purely for humorous purposes. I did live there for thirteen years, and left a part of myself there when I finally moved on. Mainly because some sod stole said part, but all the same…]

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