New Band of the Day: Lady Beast

Lady Beast
Lady Beast

With a name like Lady Beast, it comes as no surprise to find out that the vocals are by a person of the internally-plumbed persuasion. The remainder of this five-piece have dangly bits. Irrespective of gender, they crank out some good tunes.

As metal as the name of the local football team (look it up), they’re based in Pittsburgh. A city named after the English statesman William Pitt (a.k.a. “Pitt the Elder“) who led the country politically around the middle/late 18th century. This is prior to the days of Prime Ministers, but his role was as near to this present-day equivalent as you can get.

History lesson over, back to the metal.

Lady Beast fit nicely into the simple “heavy metal” category. Twin guitars, bass and drums with some very capable vocals. On their facefart page they cite Maiden and Priest as influences and I have to say that once or twice I could almost hear Deb channelling Bruce Dickinson. As far as the other influence is concerned, they have a brilliant cover of Priest’s “Ram It Down” as a bonus track on their debut album (CD version only, I think). Brilliant because it’s tight musically, but very much their own interpretation re-jigged to suit the style of the band.

The song below – “The Frost Giant’s Daughter” – is a new track which should be on a new album due sometime this year.


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