New Band of the Day: Prime Evil

Prime Evil
Prime Evil

New York, New York. So forgetful, they named it twice just to help them remember the name. And it’s shorter than New Amsterdam, so it’s easier to spell.

The spiritual home of hardcore also gave messy birth to thrash stalwarts Anthrax. They were one of a very small number of bands to get a record deal back in the day. A less fortunate member of the metal scene of the day was Prime Evil.

After calling it a day back when I was still popping pimples, they re-released their catalogue around the turn of the century then played a couple of live shows in 2011. With three news songs written by the two founder members, they’re definitely back.

Those tracks are out as an EP (Evilution) and if you like “EXTREMELY Heavy EVIL Brutal Death Thrash Speed Metal!” (according to their facefart page) then they could be worth checking out.

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