New Band of the Day: Elvenstorm

Of Rage And War
Of Rage And War

It’s probably not a huge surprise, given their name, that Elvenstorm play fairly traditional heavy metal with a battle edge to it. Blasting out of France, this four-piece female-fronted act have one album out (Of Rage And War) and another being worked on right now.

They don’t hold back, and the tracks simply launch into action with some great intros and a fast pace. I wouldn’t think it’s unfair to suggest that they just touch on the thrash genre as well.

Elvenstorm have one of those sounds that you just know will go down well live, if they can capture it on stage. Some nice headbanging/fists in the air segments, a few where you could just go wild, a moshpit moment or two… Good stuff.

Their facefart page is (along with the official page) where to head for the latest information. The track attached, “Witchhammer”, was the first to be made available off Of Rage And War and is, coincidentally, my favourite track from it.

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