New Band of the Day: Beholder (UK)

Beholder (UK)

Beholder threw me for six a bit as I usually “Like” each band as I write these articles, and when I went to check them out I found I’d already “Liked” them. It turns out that’s partly because a) they’re playing on the forthcoming Headbangers Balls tour and b) they’re bloody good.

They’re quite proud to say that they play “British Heavy Metal”, which is fair enough as we all know that British metal is better than anyone else’s. Don’t argue, people. It’s fact. It also differentiates them from the similarly-named Italian band (the one with the female co-vocalist).

Given they’re based around Coventry/Leicester it’s no surprise they’re such an angry bunch (I’ve been to both and we lost 1-0 at Leicester after a rubbish red card in the opening minutes) and this comes across in the music. Fast riffage interspersed with slow, heavy head-banging periods, all led by an effective drum/bass rhythm pairing. Some great acoustic work on some tracks as well.

There are plenty of sample tracks (and other stuff) on their official web page and, of course, they have the obligatory facebook page where you can show your like-itude.

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