New Band of the Day: We Are Tyrants

We Are Tyrants

obDisclosure: I know the mum of one of the guitarists.

There, now we’ve got that out of the way I can say that any opinions will be verified by the people who voted We Are Tyrants through to the final of a competition to win the honour of supporting Tesseract at the MacMillan Festival.

The band play death / death-core (where has this “core” thing come from? Seems to have sprouted up everywhere in the last year or so – anyone fancy starting a grunge-core band just so we can figure out what the fuck grunge-core would sound like?) and are based in the home of Rock City, Nottingham.

OK, smart arse, you come up with something else about Nottingham off the top of your head, then.

I digress. The band live up to quite a lot of their hyperbole managing to have some really crushing grooves in there with an otherwise traditional death metal sound. It’s an atmospheric as well as music sound and sits well on these ageing and jaded ears.

I don’t often put live videos as the reference material on here, but the sound quality on this one is particularly good so I’m making an exception. If you want to hear something with slight better production, head to the “band page” section of their facefart entry where there are two tracks to enjoy.

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