New Band of the Day: Break the Boundaries


Break the Boundaries

Croydon. Ah, Croydon. I’ve been there. Once. I think. I believe it was once the home of one “bloody Martin Smith” who may or may not have been mistaken for the president of the galaxy.

And before I put everyone off with too many obscure sci-fi references, I shall turn to the reason for my fascination with this borough of London-town: Break the Boundaries. A band which really does live up to its name, playing their own brand of Metalcore (there’s that “core” thing again).

Their sound is pretty heavy and on the recorded material there’s a definite amount of experimentation with various effects. These definitely add something to the sound without distracting from the music itself.

Once again, because the sound is pretty good, I’ve gone for showcasing their live show in the attached video. You can listen to all their tracks via their “band page” on facebook, where you’ll also find a link to download their E.P. which is pretty cool.

Like many of the bands I’ve featured (and will continue to do so) they look barely old enough to shave/pluck (gender allowing). As such, all the more power to them – give them a listen and give them some feedback. Even a few more “Likes” on facebook can be encouragement!

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