New Band of the Day: Final Curse

Final Curse

How much thrash can one man take? I put myself at the forefront for your benefit, people. I suffer the intense thrashing of guitars and bass, the belting of drums and the screamed vocals so that you may discover new bands. (now send me your money)

The result of my kindness today is a band that proclaims “100% NO BULLSHIT THRASH METAL” on their logo, and manage to live up to the self-proclaimed hype. Charlotte, NC‘s Final Curse have two albums and an EP to their name and I’ve managed to get hold of the most recent offering Way of the Accursed.

It was engineered by Annihilator front man and all round fucking legend Jeff Waters alongside DevilDriver‘s Mike Spreitzer. Two guys who really know their shit and it shows in the top-end production.

Rather than going for the complete “in your face, fast as we can from the word go” take on thrash, Final Curse’s approach is a heavier one. Think more South of Heaven than Reign in Blood. That’s not to say that the band can’t churn out some fast-paced work when they want to. It’s just not the core of their sound.

After six years together as a band, they’ve played their fair share of live dates as well as creating all these new tunes. Here’s to them taking the next step and playing abroad. Have a listen to their stuff, check them out on facefart and give them a “Like” and your support.

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