New Band of the Day: Sanity’s Rage

Sanity's Rage
Sanity’s Rage

Today’s stop of the world tour of new bands is in Belgium – East Flanders (Oost-Vlaanderen) to be precise. There we find Sanity’s Rage, a band that bill themselves as proponents of technical, highly original thrash metal.

Formed in 2006 and recording their first EP (The Rage Of One) the same year, the band have dropped and recruited members here and there. Their current album, You Are What You Swallow, was recorded with a session drummer while they looked for a full-time replacement.

They describe themselves well – old-school thrash mixed with technical and melodic influences. In fact, the clean guitar opening the album is more than reminiscent of one of Canada’s finest exports, Annihilator. This soon breaks into some crushing, driving thrash with track two and the ride doesn’t let up until you reach, breathless, the closing  beats of “Thumbs Up for the End of the World”.

Bonus marks go to any band that bases a song on a Garth Ennis comic as well.

There’s definitely something good here, though my crappy speakers were a little treble-happy and overdid the crash cymbals a bit. Make sure you listen on equipment that can emphasise the bass and tone those high ends down.

Their web page is very well done, and you can find a lot out about them by going there. Also, you can listen to (and buy) the album and EP through it. If you’re more a facebook person then their page is frequently updated.

By an absolute coincidence (honestly!) it seems they have just been up against yesterday’s New Band Kuazar in a “battle of the bands” competition. Seriously, I just happened to notice this.

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