New Band of the Day: Kuazar

Kuazar - Paraguay's heaviest 3-piece!
Kuazar – Paraguay’s heaviest 3-piece!

Returning to South America (I hope, it could be Central America – dammit, Jim, I’m a blogger not a geography teacher), today’s band is Kuazar who call Paraguay their home. Classing themselves as thrash metal, they have one album available (Wrath of God) and have been together since 2002.

There’s not a huge amount of information that I can find online, as their official web page (mentioned on their facebook profile) seems to have gone offline. They are on Twitter, though.

What is important is the music. I’ve got a copy of Wrath of God and it’s some good quality thrash. No embellishments, nothing fancy, just ten tracks of headbanging goodness.

A quick sample is below courtesy of the YouTubes, and you can listen to the whole album on their MySpace page. Definitely worth a listen for those who like their thrash metal old-school: Kreator et al.

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