New Band of the Day: Shining (Norway)

Shining (from Norway)
Shining (from Norway)

Nicely confusing, I found while digging some stuff on this mad bunch that there’s another band with the same name. The one I’m covering here is from Norway and play “blackjazz”. The others, from Sweden, I’ll do tomorrow.

Now, I’d not heard of blackjazz before and I have a feeling that Shining may just have made it up. However, it’s nice to have something new and the band do have a fairly original sound. Ministry with a saxophone do it for you? Not sure? Give the video at the bottom a listen.

As it happens, they have an album due out tomorrow (April 23rd) as a digital download worldwide, having already been released in Norway. One One One will be released physically over various dates in late May / early June. It’s their sixth studio album so I’m surprised I’ve not heard of them before.

For further information, check out their facebook page or the previously liked official site. There are plenty more official videos on their YouTube channel also.

PLEASE NOTE: The video – really cool though it is – is marginally NSFW as it has boobies in it. Nothing gratuitous, but I thought I better mention it just in case.

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April 23, 2013 6:19 PM

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