Nightblade – Exclusive track-by-track “That’s The Way You Want It”

Brit rockers (and former Headline Act) Nightblade are back with another stunning album. The irrepressible riff masters unleash That’s The Way You Want It on Friday 8th December, and we have this exclusive track by track breakdown of the album:

1. That’s The Way You Want It

This is about someone severely lacking in self-awareness. Completely oblivious to the damage and hurt they are causing to friends, this person blindly continues, like a bull in a China shop, endangering friendships that are already strained to the limit.

2. The Vibe

A song describing an uncomfortable atmosphere between people. Nobody can look each other in the eye because of all the ill feeling, it becomes apparent that a ‘cards on the table’ discussion to clear the air and resolve the situation is needed. Things just can’t continue as they are.

3. Too Far Gone

This is about a person who is incapable of making a correct decision in life, to the point of self-destruction, compounding every bad judgement made. Living in their own world clouded by drink and drugs, they have an increasingly distorted view of their surroundings.

4. Your World, My Thoughts

This track is about being very philosophical in life and the frustrations that it can hold. Sometimes life isn’t what you expect or predict. There can be serious obstacles along the way, and just when you think you’re making progress, a door slams in your face, forcing you to take a different route.

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5. Let Me In

This song describes someone who is trying to evaluate their life and be honest with themselves. Only through this self-honesty can they relay things to someone else, get things off their chest and seek some serious help.

6. New Year’s Change

It’s about a story about being stuck in a rut, fed up with forever going around in circles. Sometimes you have to find a way to break out of the monotony, try something new and head down the New Year’s resolution.

7. Baker Street

A cover of Jerry Rafferty’s classic, we thought there was scope to ‘rockify’ this track and make it work in a new way. After six albums, we decided to include an elusive cover and hope people will respond to is positively.

8. Your Disguise

This track is about a relationship between two friends, where one is constantly letting the other one down. They turn out to be completely untrustworthy, and when all of the lies are exposed, it seems like they never really knew their friend after all.

9. What I Shared With You

A typical Nightblade tear-jerker about offering a helping hand to a person who finds it hard to accept. Some people just soldier on, never thinking that life could be made so much easier by simply seeking or accepting help.

10. A Song Coming On

This tune simply evolved as the title would suggest. It describes the sensations and feelings experienced when writing a song, and how it impacts you. Some songs just grab your attention from the off and make you feel so good!

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