The Story Behind the Song: Motorhead by Motörhead

“Motorhead” is a smashing hit written by Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister. He wrote this song when he was the part of the English space band Hawkwind. The song was later recorded by Motörhead and created history. The journey of the song was full of lots of twists and turns – from Motörhead’s rock version to many different remakes.

This song was the eponym for the world’s greatest man and give the name to the man who wrote this epitome of sex, drugs and bold lifestyle. When Lemmy wrote this song 40 years back he referred it as “Just another song” But the song become the most important song of his career.

History associated with Motorhead mobile slots

Motorhead is one of the best musical mobile slots available at online and mobile casinos. This mobile slot game is based on the epic song Motorhead written by Lemmy. This song has a long and interesting story associated with it. Read out this blog by Mr Mobi Casino to know about the history of the song Motorhead. Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister was a 28-year-old bassist in the band Hawkwind. He was just a simple guy and become the young sensation when he sang the hottest song of the year 1972- Silver Machine. But he was very frustrated at that time as Hawkwind has no interest in his songs. In 1974, on US tour he found the idea of a brand-new song during all-night cocktail party and drugs.

On that trip, the band were staying at the Continental hotel. The wild parties and the rock’n’roll lifestyle of US was the perfect setting for the Lemmy to write a song on it. The Lemmy wrote this song “Motorhead” overnight, whisky and the view from the balcony acted as the catalyst for the song. Lemmy says “He don’t recall the exact mood and setting of that night,”, “but he was still up at 7 in the morning”. Lemmy even remembers the cars moving on the street. The lyrics of the songs can be referred to as live commentary on the night’s events of US. The opening two lines of the songs are a reference to Lemmy’s one-night stands and his crazy Englishman image. The meaning of Motorhead as explained by the Lemmy is someone who talks a lot and all the time.

The first version of the Motorhead was not according to the taste of Lemmy as it has the jazz violin tunes. It was composed at Olympic Studios in January 1975. In May 1975, the writer Lemmy was busted for intake of drugs(cocaine) on the Canadian/US border. And it results in cancellation of many concerts of Hawkwind. He was freed later after it was confirmed that the drug was amphetamines but now the Lemmy was jobless. Along with guitarist Larry and drummer Lucas, Lemmy created a band name Bastard and later named it Motörhead. As the name was well suited to the type of Band’s music: fast, Loud, rock’n’roll, paranoid.

The first recording of the song by Lemmy’s new band was “too slow”. The full rock and throttle versions of the song were recorded by Motörhead in 1977. This version of the song was recorded with the whole team along with the fast guitarist Eddie Clarke and talented drummer Philthy Animal. The song was fast as if it was coming off the rails. This song had a great influence on famous bands like Venom. It was just a usual song written by Lemmy for Hawkwind and later released by Motörhead in a different rock version. But it changed the life of Lemmy. If you are also a fan of this rocky number, then play Motorhead mobile slots by NetEnt and enjoy the musical journey.

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