Capstan announce new album, first video released

Florida five-piece Capstan— Anthony DeMario [vocals], Joe Mabry [guitar], Harrison Bormann [guitar], Andrew “Boz” Bozymowski [bass, vocals], and Scott Fisher [drums] — are pleased to announce their new album The Mosaic, out May 24 via Fearless Records. Pre-order it now.

Today, the band has shared the video for “Misery Scene”. Watch it below.

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Here, the band mixes dreamy choruses with buzzy, dramatic guitars, and cinematic sonic flourishes. The song will fill the room with its majestic melodies and singalongs. Misery never sounded quite so good. If Queen were a post-hardcore band, they would have made a song like “Misery Scene”.

“‘Misery Scene’ is the beginning of a change of lyrical direction for Capstan; ever introspective, the lyrics address the writer’s previous inability to break their cycle of self-destructive choices, as well as the toxic and ubiquitous admiration of poor mental health in artists. It is a song about making a conscious shift from the glorification of being unhappy for the perceived sake of art, to the desire to make a more positive impact on others’ lives,” says Mabry.

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