Massive Wagons share lyric video for “Nails”

Lancaster rock squad Massive Wagons have shared a lyric video for the opening track, “Nails” from the forthcoming reissue of their classic third album Welcome To The World. Originally released in April 2016, the album is currently out of print on CD and the band have been vocal over the years about tweaks they’d love to make to the record – and now they have!

Frontman Barry “Baz” Mills says:

“Nails” is a track still killing it in the live set for us; you can count on one hand the amount of shows we haven’t played it at, since it was written! It’s probably my favourite tune ever to sing if I’m honest, and it seems to be a hardcore favourite of the Wagons fans too. We wanted to release it years ago but it just never happened, which is the main reason for the video, spiced it up in the studio for the re-release and here we have it, killer track and a killer lyric vid, hope you like it!

The new version of the album will be released on January 19th, 2024, and features re-imagined artwork and five bonus tracks, in addition to its reworked original songs. Watch the lyric video for “Nails” below.

Welcome To The World is available to pre-order now on limited red splatter vinyl, black vinyl with a signed insert, and CD, and will also be available digitally. Fans can also nab a special edition t-shirt and zip hoodie.

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