Band of the Day: ElvenStorm

ElvenStorm - Of Rage And WarThis is going to be a short and sweet article as I have next to no information on the band!

ElvenStorm are based in France, and have one album available: 2011’s Of Rage and War. It’s available via Inferno Records and, I would assume, at live gigs direct from the band. Thing is, it’s bloody brilliant. Why the hell they only have one album out is beyond me.

Of Rage and War is nine tracks of fast, pounding, non-stop traditional/speed metal with a folky edge. At no point does it let up or bore you. It’s like mounting an enormous armour-clad steed and being ridden at breakneck speed through a battlefield. It doesn’t want to stop and, frankly, you’d rather it didn’t either until you’re out the other side.

If you’re into the likes of classic Halloween (not that Pink Bubbles shit), Grave Digger and the like then seriously check this lot out.

[UPDATE: just perusing their facebook page and it seems that a second album is imminent. Blood Leads To Glory is out soon!]

Just to fill up some space, here’s a list of the band members:

  • Laura Ferreux – Vocals
  • Felix Börner – Drums
  • Will Duclot – Bass Guitar
  • Michael Hellström – Guitar

official | facebook | youtube | reverbnation

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