Emergency Break release “Pyro” single and video

After releasing cryptic teases online, London based indie rock band Emergency Break have unveiled their latest single “PYRO”. The track follows the release of their debut single “IT’S OVER”, released earlier this year.

“PYRO” debuted on the Punk On The Rocks radio station and was met with an instant reaction of excitement and awe.

“PYRO” delves into the chaos of being trapped in a messy break up, mixed in with the flair and anticipation of a teenage Sunday night at a UK festival. The song was initially written by Emergency Break’s lead singer Leo Gerchen, reflecting on a “favourite mistake” of his.

After taking his lyrics to the rest of the band and enlisting the help of producer “Sound the Patchery” (Finlay McLachland) , “PYRO” was born. The song’s catchy chorus, booming bass line and striking guitar all come together to form a song that touches perfectly on the chaos and trauma felt by Leo.

The band debuted the song live during their sold out show at The Camden Assembly in July 2023 and played it again at the Spice of Life in Soho the following month. When speaking to Leo Gerchen and Ewan Hawkins, the band’s bass player, they noted that the song “stuck in a way we could never have expected” and got such a reaction from the audience they “had no choice but to record it quickly”. They also emphasised their desire to reflect the band’s high energy live performances into the record.

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To follow the release of “PYRO”, Emergency Break will embark on a string of gigs between December 2023 and January 2024, including two headline shows in Bristol and Brighton. They will then return back to London for a headline show at The Old Blue Last in support of War Child UK.

“PYRO” is an electric contribution to Emergency Break’s ever growing library of cult hits. This fiery track is not one to be missed and will only leave fans wanting more, waiting in anticipation of what is yet to come.

“PYRO” is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms.

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Written by Max Harris

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